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Choose the best treat for your dogs health.

Choosing organic treats reduces the odds of triggering a food allergy in your dog. These treats shouldn’t contain common causes of canine allergic reactions, including:

  • corn
  • soy 
  • wheat

Made in the USA

You’ve probably heard reports of dogs getting sick or even dying after ingesting treats made in China or other developing countries. It’s not easy to tell where the materials from a treat originated unless that information is included on the package label. Tainted treats came from American companies that outsourced their manufacturing to other nations. The FDA reports that the majority of the cases involves chicken jerky, but also “duck, sweet potato, and treats where chicken or duck jerky is wrapped around dried fruits, sweet potatoes, or yams.”

If the package doesn’t contain information about where the ingredients originated and where the product was manufactured, call the company and find out.